Monday, June 9, 2008

One Week Till Take Off!

Dearest loved ones,

After a year of paperwork, medical exams, stalking the mailman, and waiting waiting waiting I've finally received my placement with the Peace Corps. I will be leaving for Atlanta on Tuesday, June 17th for staging, then to Dakar, Senegal where I'll be taking a bus to my new home, the Islamic Republic of Mauritania! Thanks for all your support and encouragement as I embark on this exciting adventure.


Kathleen said...

Jackie! Love your blog. So cool. I will be checking it every day. Love you!

Anonymous said...

hey jackie! me and cliff were checking your blog! so exciting, leave us more good stuff. i hope there is some exotic african guys over there for you to prey on
! cliff says he wants you to bring home some diamonds for him. have fun!

Zoe said...

Hi Jackie! Excited to hear about your adventures as well! hana and lyle's blog is at