Monday, October 13, 2008


A mulafa is the bed sheet like wrap that every single woman wears in my town of Awaynit Zybil. Except for me. I've been semi successful at avoiding the questions of "why don't YOU wear a mulafa? They are so pretty!" Until the other day. I left my house to get soap and I came back six hours later with my hands and feet decorated in henna and wrapped head to toe in a mulafa. The boutique owner who I tried to buy soap from took my integration into her own hands by driving me (one of the first women I've seen in this country driving a car) out to the countryside, feeding me lots of goat and painting me with henna. When we returned to her boutique six hours later she wrapped me up in a neon green mulafa and sent me on my way. She doesn't know it yet but she exactly the kind of woman I need running the show in the girls' center. She'll get things done! I hope she's interested.
I've been trying to make friends with female boutique owners in town, especially the ones who sew. I'm looking for mentors for our center and, including the woman who briefly kidnapped me, I have many in mind.
I'm praying that Obama wins the election. He stands for an opportunity for America to get its head out of the sand and acknowledge it's place on the world stage as a powerful nation that can work with other countries, not dominate them. I miss the Seattle rain and the leaves turning colors, but I miss you all much more!

Lots of love, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo



Zoe said...

wow! how bout a photo of that neon green mulafa?!?!? hope you are having a great time. 2 weeks til election!
take care!

DLars2u said...

I would like to know the correct way to wrap a Mulafa. From what I understand, its simply 7 yards of brightly-colored fabric, which I can buy anywhere in the states, right?